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Minh Sang Plaza on the Binh Duong highway, which is 15km away from Ho Chi Minh city, CIAO CAFÉ restaurant locate in the Main Lobby, where the famous porcelain of Minh Long I company are displaying.

Entering the building, you will recognize the stylish decoration of CIAO CAFÉ Group.  However, CIAO CAFÉ at Minh Sang Plaza has an extensive ideal space compared to the others of the Group, besides that, the luxury is not inferior to high-ranking hotels.

Resting under the shade of verdant bamboos as one enjoying a great delicious Baked Spaghetti, a specific taste of Italian or Tom Yam Kung of Thai, and listening to the ripple of a 24m high waterfall with a school of 81 colorful porcelain craps swimming you will find yourself very small in a blue glass dome with a flock of flamingoes heading to the waterfall.  All these things will give a peaceful feeling for those who want to flee away the noisy, busy city to find an unwind place where is not easy to find in a modern city.

Parting CIAO CAFÉ Minh Sang, you never forget the setting and manner service of our employees that gave you a long lasting impression.